初中英语小短文 篇1  Parents often get angry because of theirtrouble in their lives. Lets say that your mother is not happy about her boss. If she doesnt have other ways of expressing her emotions, she might come home and yell at you, scream at your dad, kick at the dog, or even say something mean to you.

  Heres how to handle it when an adult in your life has trouble controlling his or her anger: Dont make it worse. Angry people can have trouble thinking clearly, so try not to do or say anything to make things worse. Wait till your parent cools off, then talk to him or her in a calm tone, and try to explain how the anger is affecting you.

  初中英语小短文 篇2  The first snow came. How beautiful it was, falling so silently all day long, all night long, on the mountains, on the meadows, on the roofs of the living, on the graves of the dead! All white save the river, that marked its course by a winding black line across the landscape; and the leafless trees, duanwenw.com that against the leaden sky now revealed more fully the wonderful beauty and intricacies of their branches. What silence, too, came with the snow, and what seclusion! Every sound was muffled, every noise changed to something soft and musical. No more tramping hoofs, no more rattling wheels! Only the chiming of the sleigh-bells, beating as swift and merrily as the hearts of children.


  初中英语小短文 篇3  One day, Paula and Richard decided to make a kite. First they went out and found two straight sticks of the same length. They brought them back home and tied them with a piece of string into the shape of a cross. Then they took some string and used it to tie the four ends of the sticks together. Then, they spread some brightly coloured paper over the frame and glued it around the string. They stuck a tail made of paper to one of the corners, and tied a long string to the centre of the kite. On the next windy day, they took the kite to a hill near their house and flew it.

  初中英语小短文 篇4  Life is very rich. We live in an abundant, continually expanding universe. Make sure that you allow yourself to enjoy all of life’s colours and distinctions.


  It is easy to judge others, especially if they are different to you. It is easy to judge yourself, too. See if you can stop your judgement; simply observe and accept both others and yourself. It is different people that make life so interesting and unpredictable. Variety adds spice to life.


  Sometimes we meet people in personal and business relationships, and things start out very promising. duanwenw.com Then things happen and we find out that our original impression was not accurate and the relationship does not work out. See if you can discover the lesson in it for you and do not judge yourself or the other person. You always have free choice to do what you want to do or be with who you want to be with. You are never under the influence of anyone else unless you choose to give up your power and freedom of choice.


  Keep an open heart and mind, and stay positive. Even a bad experience can teach you something important and have a silver lining. Even the worst experience contains within it the seed of benefit.


  So drop the loss and take the gain! Take the best and leave the rest!


  初中英语小短文 篇5  A Swiss organization started a vote around the world in January this year.It was to choose the new top Seven Wonders.they got nearly 100 million votes before they had the result.The vote was the ides of the Swiss filmmaker and museum manager Bernard Weber.

  Now we have got the result.What is it?Chinas Great Wall is followed by the pink-coloured ruins of Petra in Jorden,the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro,the ruins of Machu Picchu in Pru,the Mayan city of Coliseum in Rome and the Taj Mahal in India.

  "The value of a world heritage site should not be decided by online voting.Their value are what they mean to men,"said an Internet user.

  However,China Great Wall Society welcomes the result .They think Great Walls name on the list can help them protect the Great Wall better.are,for,the,work,the,oranizers,they,thankful,done,by.They welcome friends from acorss the world to experience the eternity and greatness"of the Great Wall.

  初中英语小短文 篇6  It was sunny and very hot today. I got up early and helped my parents cook breakfast. Then I washed the dishes and cleaned the room. After a short rest I did my homework in the morning. In the afternoon I went swimming in the nearest swimming pool with my friends. It was really cool to swim in such a hot day. I surfed the internet and read a storybook in the evening. I really had a busy and happy day.


  今天天气晴朗比较热。 我起得很早,帮父母做早饭。然后我洗碗打扫屋子。休息一会后我上午做作业。 下午我和朋友去我家最近的游泳池游泳。 在如此炎热的夏天游泳的确很棒。 晚上我上网、看故事书。我今天很忙过得很快乐。

  初中英语小短文 篇7  Lan and Fred were boys. They were both twelve years old, and they were in the same class in their school.

  Last Friday afternoon they had a fight in class, and their teacher was very angry. He said to both of them, “Stay here after the lessons this afternoon, and write your names a thousand times.”

  After the last lesson, all the other boys went home, but Lan and Fred stayed in the classroom with their teacher and begin writing their names. Then Fred began crying.

  The teacher looked at him and said,” Why are you crying, Fred?” “Because his name’s Lan May, and mine’s Frederick Hollingsworth,” Fred said.

  易恩和富雷得都是男孩,他们都十二岁了。他们在学校里是同班同学。上周五下午他们在学校里打了一架。为此老师很生气。老师对他们说:“下午下课后留在着把你们的名字写一千遍。” 最后一节课下课,所有的学生都回家了。只有易恩和富雷得被他们的老师留在教师里抄写他们的名字。 接着富雷得哭了起来。 老师看了看他问:“富雷得,你为什么要哭呢?” “因为他的名字是Lan May, 而我的名字确是Frederick Hollingsworth,”富雷得回答道。

  初中英语小短文 篇8  Young people are excited, young people are strong, young people work hard, and young people hope. In another Youth Day approaching, bless you, my dear friend, a young, promising career, young people, happy every day.

  The youth should stand forward, the youth should fire departments, youth on confidence disclosure date, the youth should innumerable twists and turns into a hero Youth Day!, I wish you a beautiful demonstration, repeatedlyspectacular!

  The youth is Chaoyang, charming, youth is a horse, the pace of flying, the youth is more than the Pentium, the river, the youth is pine, will become the pillars! Youth Day, may you young, positive youth, promising future!

  Green Cuicui tree Changchun, one year people often red, deeply bless you: good life such as evergreen trees, like saffron Chang Yan, always in youth, often smiling happy youth day!

  Youth, a life only once, although the youth have rebellion, impetuous, and also have mistakes, but more youth is enthusiasm, beauty and hope. Youth will have happiness after all, because it has the future! Happy youth day!

  初中英语小短文 篇9  The ray of the warm sunlight told us that it was spring. A lion was sleeping peacefully in the forest.

  While the lion was fast asleep, a mouse went on top of the lion. The bold mouse played happily on top of the lion. "Yuppie! This is really fun." The mouse ran around thumping and stomping here and there.

  The lion was not able to sleep with all the racket. The lion knew that there was someone on top of him. So, the lion made a surprise attack and rolled on the ground.

  And the mouse fell over. When the lion saw the mouse he was relieved and said, "Whew! It was only a mouse."

  However, far away a fox had seen the scene. The fox laughed mockingly to the lion and said, "Youre as big as a mountain and youre afraid of the mouse. Youre a coward!" The fox kept making fun of the Lion.

  Finally the lion spoke, "I wasnt afraid of the mouse. I was only shocked to find a bold enough animal not afraid to run around on top of a lion." When the fox heard this he quietly left.

  初中英语小短文 篇10  The spring festival is the loveliest in China,which is comes in February. Everyone loves it so much that prepare lots of things of the spring festival before it comes. In the spring festival holiday,people do many things,such as eat the dinner on the New Year‘s,set off fireworks,stroll the famous fair likes “Baiyunguan”fair. Especially for some children or teenager is “lucky money”.

  On the first day of lunar,the young generation congratulates the old generation with “Happy New Year!”

  Then the old generation will give the young some lucky money which wrapped with red paper or red envelope. Because red is a color with joyful. Lucky money means the old generation‘s love to the young and hope them can have a good luck in this new year. this is the lucky money which lots of the young want.

  初中英语小短文 篇11  A mouse once took a bite out of a bulls tail as he lay dozing1. The bull jumped up in a rage and, with his head low to the ground, chased the mouse right across the yard. The mouse was too quick for him, however, and slipped easily into a hole in the wall.

  The bull charged the wall furiously again and again, but although he bruised2 his head and chipped his horns, the mouse stayed safely inside his hole. After a time the bull gave up and sank down to rest again.

  As soon as the bull was asleep, the little mouse crept to the mouth of the hole, pattered across the yard, bit the bull again -- this time on the nose -- and rushed back to safety. As the bull roared helplessly the mouse squeaked3:

  "Its not always the big people who come off best. Sometimes the small ones win, you know."

  初中英语小短文 篇12  One day, Paula and Richard decided to make a kite. First they went out and found two straight sticks of the same length. They brought them back home and tied them with a piece of string into the shape of a cross. Then they took some string and used it to tie the four ends of the sticks together. Then, they spread some brightly coloured paper over the frame and glued it around the string. They stuck a tail made of paper to one of the corners, and tied a long string to the centre of the kite. On the next windy day, they took the kite to a hill near their house and flew it.

  初中英语小短文 篇13  四月30日,汤姆醒来一看钟,已经8点了。他急忙起床。他没有时间吃早饭,所以没吃早饭就去上学。他背上书包,骑上自行车上学。当他到达校门的时候,校门关着。这时他才知道今天是星期日。

  It was May 30th. When Tom woke up, he looked at the clock. Oh, dear! It was 8:00. He got up as quickly as possible. He had no time to eat breakfast, so he went to school without breakfast.

  With the bag on his back, he quickly went to school by bike. When he got to the school gate, the gate was closed. He realized that it was Sunday.

  初中英语小短文 篇14  My home town is a beautiful place. It stands beside a wide river and is rich in fish and rice.

  But in the old days it was a poor and backward little town. Many people had no work. They lived a hard life.

  In 1949 my hometown was liberated. Since then great changes have taken place there. The streets have been widened. Factories, schools, hospitals, cinemas and theatres have sprung up one after another. The life of the people is greatly improved.

  I love my hometown. All the more I love its people. They are working hard so as to make it still richer and more beautiful.

  I am from ShenZhen. In spring ,the weather is warm and wet. I can play kite. In summer, the weather is hot and wet. I can swim in the swimming pool. In the autumn, the weather is cool and dry. I can play kite, too. In the winter, the weather is cold and dry. It never snow.

  Welcome to my hometown! Shanghai is my hometown. It is a modern and busy town. It has a long history. There are many big supermarkets, beautiful gardens and good factories here. It is very easy to go shopping. You can see big trees and nice flowers. There are many restaurants in Shanghai. The food tastes very delicious.You can enjoy eyery minutes of it. Many visitors come here to enjoy it.

  初中英语小短文 篇15  There are many students in middle school wear the glasses, and many of them were wearing the glasses since little. We have to protect our eyes, prevent them from the short-sightedness. We should keep a good sitting posture, never read the books too closely. We’d better have a short break every hour of reading, close eyes or look at the distance. We should do the eye exercises every day. In the evening, we also shouldn’t read while we are lying. And more important, we shouldn’t spend hour and hour starring at our cellphone. We all should protect our eyes.


  初中英语小短文 篇16  Today, we are affected by the commercial ads everywhere. When we open the TV, we will see the ads to advocate us to pursue perfectness, when we walk on the street, there are beautiful stars’ pictures on the shops. So most people have the consciousness that we are not perfect and we should buy some products to make us look perfect. As for me, when I see a very beautiful girl who makes up with thick power, I don’t appreciate her beauty, while when I see a girl who looks so natural and with some spots in her face, I think she is pretty. No one is perfect, the incomplete beauty is the real beauty.


  初中英语小短文 篇17  I have a lovely family and my families live a happy life.

  My mother is a farmer.She is fat,but she is beautiful.She has big eyes,a small nose and a small mouth.She is very kind and clever, so she has many friends and she is welcome among my neighbours. My father is a worker. He works long time a day and comes home late. He is always tired.But,my mother often cooks delicious dishes for him and that makes him happy and moved. As for my mother, she regards it as her happiness. I love my parents, although we do not live a rich life, but we are satisfied.

  初中英语小短文 篇18  Television has come into our lives for many years. We can nearly say that we can’t live happily without television. It can give us the latest information and news. It can open up our eyes and enlarge our knowledge. We can be entertained by the programs on television. Otherwise,we’ll be boring all day if there is no television. Television programs are attractive. After a whole day’s hard work, we can sit before the television enjoying ourselves. How wonderful it is!


  However, television also does harm to people’s health. It’s bad for us to watch TV too long, especially bad for our eyes. Besides, watching TV may take the time to study or play on outside world. In short, television is good and we should make use of it appropriately.



  初中英语小短文 篇19  I lost my wallet on my way to school this morning. There is some money, a monthly ticket and something else in it. I wish the finder would return it to me soon. Will the finder please come to No. 11 Middle School or call me? I’ll pay him or her for it. Thank you!

  Name:Wang Li

  Telephone: 669745




  I lost my wallet with carelessness on my way to school this morning. Inside there is some money, IP card and a monthly ticket. Will the finder please send it to No. 11 Middle School or telephone me? My name is Wang Li, my telephone number is 669745. Thanks.

  今天早晨在上学的路上高中优秀作文 原创分享 ,不慎将钱包丢失。里面装有一些钱,一张IP卡和一张月票。拾到者请送到十一中学或电话联系。我的名字叫王力,电话号码是669745。


  初中英语小短文 篇20  Love is the most beautiful language in the world. We can wipe our tears away when we cry. It can bring happiness to us when we feel lonely. It can even give us confidence when we have problems. I often listen to some pop songs, and most of them are about love. The singers sing these songs loudly. I think that’s very real. They express their feelings directly. It shows that they love.

  The happiness of loving and being loved is very wonderful. Let’s try to love each other so that the world will be full of love.

  初中英语小短文 篇21  Our school is in the west of the city. It is very big with a tall teaching building. There are thirty classrooms, a modern library, a dinning hall and a gym.

  There is a big playground where we often have sports. There are lots of trees and flowers beside the playground.

  There are more than five hundred students and teachers in our school and we all work hard.

  Our school is so beautiful that we all like it very much.

  初中英语小短文 篇22  I had a busy and interesting summer vacation. I did my homework every day so I finished doing my homework ten days before the new term.

  I also played table tennis and basketball with my friends every day. I sometimes went movies and went to the parks with my friends.

  I surfed the internet, read books and watched TV every evening. I visited my grandparents and helped them with the housework, too.

  I helped my parents clean the room and cook meals.

  The most important was that my parents and I went to Hannan Island and spent a week there.

  初中英语小短文 篇23  Hero is the good guy,they always try to do god to the world.People respects them,children looks up to them and want to be like them.

  Real heroes fight the bad guys without fear,bad guys are usually strong and evil.Many fear the bad guys,but a real hero does not fear them.

  The real hero is also strong and has a good heart,and in the end,good will always defeat evil.

  Sometimes hero can be defeated by the bad guys,we don’t like that,but it happens.

  初中英语小短文 篇24  It was sunny and very hot today. I got up early and helped my parents cook breakfast. Then I washed the dishes and cleaned the room.

  After a short rest I did my homework in the morning. In the afternoon I went swimming in the nearest swimming pool with my friends.

  It was really cool to swim in such a hot day. I surfed the internet and read a storybook in the evening.

  I really had a busy and happy day.

  初中英语小短文 篇25  Hello, everyone. My name is Kelly. I am friendly and honest.I am good at English and maths.

  I like surfing the internet,playing computer games, watching TV and traveling.

  I also like playing table tennis and I am good at it ,too.

  I often play table tennis with my friends on weekends. And I want to be a famous table tennis player when I grow up.

  What I like most is to see the seagulls flying freely in the sky so I often go to the sea in summer.

  My favourite colour is white because I think white is symbolize purity.



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